Do You Have The Best Boilermaker Tailgate?

Are you a champion tailgater? Are you also a Boilermaker or Boilermaker fan? Do you own...oh, for example, a Purdue-themed ambulance?

If the answers to any of these are yes -- or if you just have to publicize your cornhole expertise -- then check out the Purdue Alumni Association's call for the best Purdue home game tailgaters.

They're apparently looking for the best ones. I'll let them explain:

You will need to tell us how many people attend your tailgate, the history of your gathering, where your tailgate is located, what food and beverages make up your game-day menu, and what makes your tailgate so special. In addition, you can submit pictures of your grand party.

If we are impressed, Purdue Alumni staff and students will visit your shindig and feature it on our Web site. Be prepared for a spirited arrival. Not only will we draw attention to your awesome party, but we will come bearing prizes.

Then, Purdue fans will have the opportunity to vote on the best tailgate of the week. If your tailgate receives the most votes, you will go on to compete for the title of Tailgate of the Season. The winner will be announced during the Michigan State game on the Jumbo Tron.

Where are those guys with the RV? Be sure to tell them you know the Boiled Sports guys and you'll probably win just because of that.*

*Highly unlikely to be accurate

That's more like it

Note to aOSU fans: WEAR GRAY!!