Truly Inconvenient

(The real culprit to Global Warming finally found!)

In an AP story today, it is reported that growing numbers of rice fields are actually producing more methane gas than much of the industrialized world does with factories, automobiles and other industry. This is truly hilarious news.

Sure, Al Gore and Co. made a lot of people angry by saying Hummers & Suburbans were the cause of this planet's woes...but millions of suburbanite soccer moms aren't going to create the uproar that billions of people will produce when told they shouldn't eat rice any longer. I've spent some time in China...let me tell you, every meal has rice in it...and everybody eats it (except for me). Furthermore, isn't rice the main source of nutrition for the hungry nations in Africa?

So, the anti-capitalist, anti-progress lefties have gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle now. While all they were trying to do was change the way Americans and other capitalist around the world lived their, they're going to take away the main food source for the majority of the world. Good move, ladies.

Maybe if windbags like Gore, Pelosi & Co. would stop talking, the world would cool down to a temperature that they find more suitable.

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