Hired Gun

I just got the picture to the left in my inbox from a Red Sox-fan friend of mine who has also pelted me with emails over the past two days about what a joke Clemens is and, well, you know the drill.

Well, that's definitely true -- he plays just for the money. As opposed to gamers like Curt Schilling who plays the game for free. Or Manny Ramirez, who donates all $20 million of his salary to barbershops across Boston.

I once heard Jason Varitek promised to wear whatever letter of the alphabet he was able to get to without looking above the blackboard for help. What a guy!

Those Red Sox sure are likable. I especially like how when Manny hits a home run he stands there and postures and walks to first base. And then, if anyone dares to pitch him on the inner half of the plate, he absolutely flips out. Those guys sure are awesome!

And let's not forget their two-week dynasty in 2004 -- their fans sure haven't forgotten it!

But yes, the truth is, Roger Clemens IS a hired gun and is just having a hard time turning down the boatloads of money he is getting offered each year. And if he had chosen the Red Sox, the fans would be lining up to kiss his fat ass.

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