Boilers Avoid can look forward to WVU

As my wife and I prepared for the hospital in the morning, we watched the game. In other words, I didn't watch all of the game...but here are my brief thoughts (we should have more from a guest blogger in the coming hours).

-This game was a perfect set-up for a letdown. Seven-day layoff prior to an out-of-order conference opener, on the road versus a sub-.500 team with nothing to lose. And Purdue started the game like the patsy.

-The defense in the second half was what we've come to expect...but much of the first half was not.

John Lickliter provided a boost off of his Dad's bench

-Coach Lickliter's son might be listed at 5'11", but he can't be more than 4'6". I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but Buckets was clowning him on the Purdue bench. I'm pretty sure I'm taller than him...and his shooting form is a lot like mine (that's not a good thing, as J Money can attest)...but hats off to the gritty middle schooler- he held his own versus the #4 team in America.


-If JJ gets in foul trouble, Purdue is a different team.

-Speaking of large humans who play for Purdue, Bade played well, continues to improve, needs to improve more. No Marcius...hope to see him soon to help out with these situations.

-Grant shot well, but was simply abused by the officials in the second half.

-Hummel looked very good at times in the game, but still isn't shooting the three well. Glad he got the Purdue record for made free throws in a row...then seemingly forget what had gotten him there by missing two-straight. A new streak has begun.
-Ed Hightower continues to be a buffoon. His weird convulsion that was supposed to tell the scorer's table that JJ had been fouled in the second half was a caricature of what many think of him. Doof.

Good guys win 67-56...are now 12-0 for only the second time in school history. The top-10 match-up in Mackey is set for an NYD beauty.

Imposters of Purdue Players Removed at Halftime; Regulars Return in Second Half to Beat Hawks 67-56

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