Sunday Ramblings

J Money, Jr. was born this morning. Just over 8 pounds and 21 inches...he's a big dude, even a few weeks early. He's already been added to the BS payroll...and is already a better writer than I is.

Brett Favre, career consultant
I'm sure you all know this, but Urban Meyer backed up his resignation from the U of F with some verbal remarks...of course, he's not resigning, kinda...and is taking a leave of absence. Good to know he's feeling better!

I think we all know the reason for Urban's emotional distress- It's, of course, the fact that he's so upset that his dream job in South Bend has been filled and he isn't UND's next coach. Poor guy.

What the??
I've told a lot of people that I don't think it's fair to consider me a Colts fan. I like to Colts, follow them and want them to win...but I don't invest too much money or time into Irsay's organization.

My family and I got together to watch the game tonight and I've come to an opinion- The Colts have effectively already lost their playoff game.

Their offense is based on tremendous timing and precision. And while the Colts' starters rest over the next few weeks, their potential opponents will be staying sharp. The Colts' margin for error has become amazing-thin with this move.

The last time the Colts did this, it didn't work out well...Furthermore, when was the last time an NFL squad had it's starters only play spot duty, or less, for three-straight weeks and did well in the playoffs? If anyone knows, please sound off.

I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

Boilers Avoid can look forward to WVU

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