Congrats Blue! I guess they're not so slow.

Congrats Coach Carr and the UM Seniors on getting a bowl victory!

The myth that the Big Ten is slow as a conference really is rooted in last year's national championship game as everybody knows. Guys like Ted Ginn, Dorien Bryant, Derrick Williams, James Laurinaitis and others are all sticks-in-the the braintrust at ESPN tells us. Turns out, that might not be the case. Mario Manningham reversed field twice versus Florida today...I'm pretty sure you can't do that if you're slow.

Here's what makes you look slow: Confusion. A better team will confuse a lesser team and make them look perplexed and leave them flat-footed and out of position...Youth can make you look slow, so can a scheme. But there's no shortage on speed in our little conference.

Michigan looked fast v. a good SEC team today, Wisconsin looked slow v. a good SEC team today. But it was just today...Sadly, it will take OSU beating LSU for the slow moniker to fall, so make it happen, Bucks.

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