Where Have You Gone, Jim Colletto?

I know all you Purdue fans have been wondering where our old friend Jim Colletto has been and what he's been up to. Well, he was the offensive line coach for the Detroit Lions until just recently when he was promoted to co-offensive coordinator, or something like that.

Mike Martz was fired by the Lions and who better to take the place of a guy generally agreed to be at least a good offensive mind? Why, Jim Colletto, of course.

Jim Colletto, Cam Cameron... these guys have lucrative coaching jobs in the NFL. Does this make any sense? Couldn't Boilerdowd, Tim and me coach a team with as much success? I think so.

I also think it's fun to imagine the season-ending conversation between Bill Parcells and Cameron down in Miami. That'll be a fun one.

Shocking Development in Miami

Congrats Blue! I guess they're not so slow.