Season Over? (CMigrator copy 1)


The biggest question is whether the question mark should be in the post title or not.

The Boilers were humiliated for the second straight weekend, and while we didn't have a great feeling about this game, we definitely expected a more competitive effort. Purdue was outplayed in every way and yet I didn't feel like Illinois looked particularly impressive in any area. That' you say... not good. 93-10 over the last two weeks... that's no bueno. Even the most loyal are furious.

Just some observations and then we open it up to you because, really, how much about this game do you really want to read?

-- How much worse could they have looked with Siller at QB? I know you want to get Robinson some reps and that's fine once the game is effectively over, but going in at 4-3, this was a critical game if Purdue wants to go to a bowl game. You need to do everything you can to win. I think Siller would have been a better option...he at least should have been tried for a while when the offense looked putrid and it became apparent that Rob Henry's already limited throwing ability was even more inhibited.

-- The offense was embarrassing. Draw plays on fourth and 3? Draw plays on... everything? Three first downs in the first half? Granted, as b-dowd said to me, Purdue has no QBs right now who can complete passes and no receivers who can catch them. Not the best combo.

-- Kicking a FG to avoid being shut out? Seriously, what kind of message is this? Who gives a sh-t if you lose 37-0 instead of 37-3? You go for it on fourth down with 11 minutes to go in the game down 37 points. You don't kick a field goal, I'm sorry. That is embarrassing to me. Yay, we scored! Humiliating.

-- B-dowd text to me that was quite true: "The 'Fire Hope' camp has some traction now." Indeed. And with rumors out there about Minnesota getting Sumlin, well, the dark days may be ahead. Hate to say it and be so negative, but this team looks listless. Losing is one thing... you can talk about injuries and whatnot. But getting absolutely embarrassed a couple of weeks in a row (and with Wisc and MSU still to come this year)

-- Two lost fumbles today, so special teams ugliness rearing its ugly face again. Gravesande drops one and falls on it, then they use McBurse, who fumbles one away. Earlier, a kick bounces off Holland and winds up going to the Illini. The latter happened when it was only 7-0 and led to the 14-0 score and Purdue having basically one possession in the first quarter. Awesome. Look, mistakes happen, no doubt. But the mistakes Purdue is making are absolutely crippling. This team isn't good enough to win right now without mistakes... toss in some sloppy play, poor tackling, blown coverages (when was the last time you saw a WR as open as Illinois had on their third TD?)...where does it end? And the big thing here is that a lot of those can be blamed on the coaching. Poor preparation leads to poor execution.

I'm not sure what else to say. Oh, sure, there's a lot I could bitch about, but what's the point? You don't want to read any more and get any more depressed. We think the season is probably over. Is there anything to make you think they can beat anyone left on their schedule? My thought right now is that they'll surprise us and pull out one we don't expect them to but I honestly can't see two more wins.

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