Forecast: Handsome Monsoon Imminent!!!

Last week, we received a bit of a hard time from some of you for not sending out ample warning of the weekly Handsome Hour.

Sure, the show is each week during the season at 10:00pm...and has been for most of its three year history. But we understand there are new listeners out there...and many of the young ladies on campus who are just beginning to understand the breadth of handsomeness that comes from the duo each Wednesday night at 10:00pm Eastern haven't yet made it a habit to listen. But soon they will...they always do.

So if you've got plans, break them. If you have a test on Thursday, get your studying done early. If you have kids to take care of, put them to bed cause it's business time (not that kind of business). Whatever your excuse, nothing should trump this opportunity for you to grow your Purdue knowledge, kick your feet up and relax and just listen to some good interwebnet talk podcasting.

Sometimes we have great guests, other times we just talk amongst ourselves. Regardless of what tonight's show turns out to be, it's always a delight to your ears and uplifting to your black and gold soul.

Listen tonight. Become part of the part of history.

The Handsomest Podcast In The Land

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