Purdue Fans Love Johnsons

Matt Painter got his hands on another Johnson yesterday, as Ronnie committed to come join his brother Terone at Purdue in 2012.

Terone and Ronnie played two seasons together in high school and won the 4A state championship in 2010. Ronnie was always known to be a good player, but he played particularly well in the state tournament this past March and got some coaches' attention. Ronnie wound up with offers from Purdue, Illinois, Butler, Ball St, Eastern Illinois, Indiana State, Ohio and Saint Louis.

As Boilerdowd often points out, you can tell a lot about a guy's potential based on the offers he gets. So while it's definitely exciting to have another pure point guard in the mix, it looks like Ronnie was perceived as a middle of the road player by recruiters -- at this point. Rivals has him as a three-star, if you like that sort of arbitrary rating system. Remember, he has another year of high school left, too, so this pickup by Painter could look extra smart in a year.

This committment gives the Boilers four for 2012: Ronnie Johnson (3 stars), Raphael Davis (4), Kyle Molock (3) and Jay Simpson (4).

As we've said often, the future is definitely bright.

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