Who Wants to Play Golf With Drew Brees?

Well, for the right price, you and your friends can play in Brees Dream Foundation Golf Outing. Drew's tournament is at Purdue's Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex. (No word on if Drew will drive your cart wearing a jaunty driving cap.)

Actually, the pricing isn't too bad, especially if you can hoodwink your company into "sponsoring" this "charity event" for you. $150 per golfer for either the morning tournament or the afternoon scramble, or $250 to play in both.

And if you are able to get your foursome sponsored...anyone want to bring us as guests? We're housebroken (pretty much) and can play golf (in the loosest definition).

The event includes lunch and a cocktail reception after the days' golf is over, in case you're not yet drunk. Not surprisingly, the live auction for Drew Brees autopgraphed memorabilia will commence following a day of drinking in the sun. ("I'll give you...a million dollars for that pair of game-used skivvies!!"  "Sir, those aren't for sale."  "Fine. TWO million then.")

The event's proceeds go to the Purdue Athletes Life Success Program (PALS).

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