"Delusional Domers" Should Just Be It's Own Website

We could spend all of our time around here mocking Notre Dame fans and pointing out just how delusional they are, instead of just a portion of our time. But we have other things to do, and besides, there are already those mocking Notre Dame full time.

But I found this particularly interesting. I check in on the arrogance permeating from Her Loyal Sons now and then and this particular post from last weekend is highly amusing. From the post:

Noted College Football Fan Site, CNN Money, took a look at StubHub.com statistics to determine College Football’s Top Rivalries, and, surprise, surprise, Notre Dame/Southern Cal is #1.

So as you can see, the ND/SC supply curve collides with the ND/SC demand curve way up there on the P axis above everyone else. So if you continue to claim that the Notre Dame/Southern Cal rivalry is not the #1 rivalry, you’re probably a communist.

Now, I'd like to believe these guys are just clowning around, but I think they actually believe this research somehow legitimizes Domers contention that their "rivalry" with USC is actually a rivalry and not just, you know, another victory for USC to check off the schedule annually.

Take a look at that link they reference -- do you know what it summarizes? It's the list of "best selling rivalry games on StubHub for 2007." Okay, so Notre Dame and USC had the highest average ticket prices on StubHub. What does that prove, other than that ND and USC tickets are overpriced?

And let's look further down the list.... at #11 is Purdue and Notre Dame! But wait, didn't HLS and their loyal supporters lecture us a few weeks ago about how boring and inconsequential Purdue is? But we're apparently the 11th-best rivalry in the nation! Ahead of Cal-Stanford, Miami-FSU, Army-Navy, Ok State-OU, Clemson-SC, VA Tech-VA and many others. Who knew?

Rounding out the Top 25 is Purdue and Indiana. Clearly, this list is definitive proof of the best rivalries in college sports. What other metric could there be besides ticket prices?

In other news, the Red Sox were declared World Champions because their average ticket price was the highest in 2007. (That joke works a lot better if the Red Sox didn't actually just win the World Series.) And take heart, Bears fans, as you've been crowned Super Bowl champs because you had the highest average ticket price for your home opener, according to StubHub.

StubHub, seer of all that is true and just.

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