BS Predictorama Rankings - Week 4

The predictions for week four were

Tim says:
Notre Dame - 27
Purdue - 17

J Money says:
Purdue - 32
Notre Dame - 21

Boilerdowd says:
Notre Dame - 31
Purdue - 28

The actual score was Notre Dame 38 - Purdue 21, leaving Tim with a point for picking Notre Dame (puke!), and a point for being closest to Purdues score. Boilerdowd was closest to the total score, closest to NDs score, and picked up a point for picking Notre Dame to win. J Money picked up no points this week.

The scoring for week 4 is

Boilerdowd : 3
Tim : 2
J Money : 0

So the tally for the season so far is

Tim : 9
Boilerdowd : 9
J Money : 4

As you can see, I must have Ed Zaunbrecher making my picks because I've choked away my 1 point lead over Boilerdowd.

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