Fans Are Good...For Me to Pee On!

You may or may not have seen/heard about this, depending upon how thoroughly you cruise random blogs and sports sites. (I realize most of the BS readership is on sites of, um, different material.)

Anyway, Busted Coverage nicely breaks down one of the more amusing near-issues that police intervened on at the IU-Ball State game last weekend:

Police arrested Lucas Widdicombe after someone sitting near him said he had a cup, and “he had urinated in the cup and was going to throw it at Ball State fans.”

Uh-oh, pee-pee grenades!

And if you're caught, yellow-handed, in this kind of situation, what's your story gonna be? Do you think you could do better than this?

Widdicombe told police he had not urinated in the cup and had no intentions of pouring it on people. Widdicombe said someone had given him a cup of urine while he was in the restroom, and he decided to take it back to his seat to show his friends.

Well, sure, that makes complete sense. Hey, maybe it was celebrity urine... did anyone notice if Terry Hutchens was in the can at approximately the same time? Handing out....cups of urine?

And I remember when people would throw cups of soda. Ah, how times have changed.

Seems about right...

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