Byrd Reaction

I'm sure everyone has heard about DJ Byrd being arrested due to public intoxication by now.  I wanted to wait until Painter spoke about it and I had read a significant amount before posting.

Here's what I've gathered.  A handful of Purdue basketball players were out last night at the bars.  I've seen no photos or heard no evidence that any of them were underage.  At least two of the players were questioned and handcuffed in front of one of the bars...and Byrd was arrested and held until this morning.

Byrd has not gotten into trouble with the law before...and and I can't find a count of the incident in which Byrd was disorderly.

Full disclosure: I'm a square. I didn't drink before I was 21...and I still don't understand how it's illegal to be in public following drinking alcohol if you're 21 or older.  According to a bunch of accounts on Twitter and on message boards, police around campus are well-known for taking someone into custody because of the smell of alcohol on their breath and "suspicion of intoxication".  That's garbage...athlete or not.

I don't know if Byrd was fighting someone, mouthy or causing problems...but if he wasn't, I hope Painter's punishment is light.  If he was putting himself or other people in danger with dumb behavior, his punishment should show that.  At the end of the day, Painter will know much more about what happened than I will.

Please understand I'm not one of these people that believes boys will be boys and everyone does whatever so it's OK...But if it's true that someone can be taken in by overly-aggressive police after they've had a few drinks, it seems bars should be made illegal or prohibition should return...and that's asinine.  I'd love to think Purdue athletes are pretty good people...I like it when I can encourage my kids to cheer for them and they're likable players and people off the field of play.  I have a pal who works closely with the athletes and he's said time and again that Painter's boys are really good guys...and those that I've met have done nothing to change that idea in my mind.  We'll see what comes of this, but until there are more details, I'm not passing judgement.

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