Nice and Quiet

We're well into the swing of spring practice and a refreshing calm and quiet is hanging over West Lafayette. No stories of potential felonious behavior, no word of academic attrition and no locker room fights. The worst problem our favorite team has right now is injuries...and plenty of them. The good news is none of them are new. A slew of safeties are recovering from various off-season surgeries and a bevy of big O-linemen are trying to get healthy for the summer...other than that, not too much is happening that's all-that-exciting.


There's plenty of learning that is going on with the coaches switching positions to make way for Hope and his system...Plus, Tiller (presumably) wants to make his final campaign a memorable one and is looking to improve on previous seasons...Like I told you weeks ago, I'm optimistic that it can happen and the sounds of silence coming from Spring Ball are only making me feel more confident that my gut might just be right.

Keep it up Boilers...No one's noticing.

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