Stanley Pringle Jacks One Up

If you haven't yet heard about it, Penn State guard Stanley Pringle is being arrested for letting his little nittany lion out of its cage in a library on the Penn State campus. He then proceeded to encourage Lil Stanley to get up, stretch, have a look around, etc.

Problem was, he did it right behind a female student who didn't find this as hilariously funny, erotically arousing or charmingly Pennsylvanian as Pringle might have hoped.

Classy, Stanley, classy. Yet another story about an athlete acting like an animal because he's got an inflated sense of entitlement that comes from being above the rules his entire life because he can play a sport at a reasonably high level. Which is probably a stretch, given that Pringle plays basketball for Penn State.

"We are..... mastur-baters!"

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