Joe Lundari, he of "Bracketology," seems confused himself.

Yesterday afternoon, while on Michael Kay's radio show in New York, Lunardi said that the Big Ten was "weak" and he wasn't impressed with any of the teams, except for the top two. Oh, you mean, arguably the two best teams in the frickin' nation, Joe? Joe? Hello?

Joe went on to say that he thought the Big Ten should/would only get "four, maybe five teams." While he was talking -- while he was talking -- I brought up his Bracketology page on, which claimed to be updated on 3/9 (which was that day) and said he had six teams -- not four or five -- considered "in" the Tourney.

Then today, Lunardi made an appearnace on the ESPN tourney show that's currently wrapping up. Bilas called him out on a lot of his crap, specifically pointing out that if any of these major conference bubble teams (such as Kansas State, Illinois, etc.) lost to the teams that squads like Old Dominion and Drexel (who Lunardi has "in") have lost to, we wouldn't even be considering those major conference schools for the tourney. A solid point by the Bilastrator, I thought.

Lunardi's defense? He's not picking the teams he likes; rather, he's picking what he thinks the committee is going to do.

Well, now, Joe, then why is your opinion often injected into your interviews, usually accompanied by a haughty sneer when commenting on the "weak" Big Ten that has produced two teams who have held #1 rankings this season?

Also, Joe Lunardi still thinks Purdue needs to show well today to be considered a lock. Joe Lunardi is a bitch.

Game on in 15 minutes.

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