No, Seriously, Mercury -- Shut Up

Boilerdowd said it the night of the Super Bowl and I think we can all agree -- Mercury Morris needs to shut up. KSK has an excellent, if far more potty-mouthed, takedown of Mercury and his precious '72 Dolphins.

It's actually quite a difficult and divisive thing -- while most of the world outside of New England and the other front-running Pats fans around the country are thrilled that the Giants took down the Pats perfect season, I think a lot of us would also love to see the Dolphins shut the hell up. This baloney has gone on long enough.

Also, just for kicks... and in the hopes that some Pats fans are reading... below is the video that you knew was out there -- the one Reebok expected to run. The one with the Pats moving into the neighborhood.

Happy Signing Day & Boilers Win Easily

So long, C.C.