Happy Signing Day & Boilers Win Easily

Alright...Work takes me away from my BS post on one of the most enjoyable days of the year, but don't fret, I'll have a review of this year's football class later today. Hopefully, a surprise or two will arise in the next 12 hours.

Regarding the hardwood Boilers, here's a brief synopsis:
-Moore was impressive again...displayed a wide-array of shots and even led the team in assists.
-Hummel was back on his game...His three-point shooting was clutch and kept the hot-shooting Lions at an arm's length all night.
-Marcus Green was the lunch pail guy...great effort and an inadvertent offensive elbow that knocked out PSU's forward that pretty much sealed the victory for Purdue.

-Scott Martin got hurt; Nemaja Calasan carried him off as if recreating a scene from "Officer and a Gentlemen". Kind of odd actually, but showed how strong Calasan is.
-Bad weather kept the Purdue faithful away as storms tore up the Northern part of the state...the Paint Crew looked alright, but I have to admit, the crowd was disappointing to me on TV.
-Chris Kramer jumped from about 30 feet away to put an exclamation point dunk on the victory very late in the game. It made me jump out of my seat like an NBA dunk contest judge and yell. Neato.

Boilers set up the showdown v. the Badgers in Madison...Should be a fun one and a great test of this ever-improving Purdue squad. I was impressed once-again with the victory.

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