Boiled Sports Weekly Real Genius: Joe Paterno

If you can out-think, out-wit, out-prepare and beat a genius, what must you be? I don't really know. But, you are at very least considered the Boiled Sports Weekly Real Genius, when you accomplish such a feat.

Congratulations, Coach Joe Paterno! You have earned this honor.

I've heard it said that you are little more that a figurehead or a face of the program, at least in recent seasons, but, I don't know to whom else I could bestow this honor, so you're our guy. You led your team into a game in which the Irish had little to lose and were a 17-point road dog. That is sometimes the worst type of opponent to face. Yet, your Lions whipped the Irish...and if it wasn't for an INT for a TD, it would have been worse.

Well played, young man, you still got it. Savor this honor...there may only be five or six more of these awards given out this season.

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