The Next Ron Powlus? (and other notes)

In case you missed it, the Jimmy Clasen era at UND began Saturday night...and I'll be honest, I think he's pretty talented, seriously. But, He also looked like a Freshman who didn't know what he was doing at times last night. All that said, after the first half, I had a question- Clausen started the game 7 of 8, pretty darned good, especially versus a stout Penn State defense. Why couldn't the genius see that he was the clear starter last week v. GT? ESPN can't seem to answer the question either...Heck, ESPN wouldn't ask.

Much like Ron Powlus, Clausen was extremely-highly touted out of high school...does anyone consider Powlus a legend? How about a great? No, I think is the answer to ESPN, ABC and others can stop making cross-sport comparisons to Tiger Woods & LeBron James (yes, they really did that during the telecast) and start looking at what's in front of them. Here it is: 17/32 (53%), 144 yards, 1 Int. & 0 TDs (A Brandon Hance-esque performance). Yep, Jimmy Woods-James-Clausen's offense has not scored yet (nor won) will eventually, and probably will be pretty prolific before he graduates or leaves UND. But, anything can happen and a great high school prospect does not a collegiate great make. I do believe he'll be pretty good, eventually...Another Ron Powlus (0 bowl wins, legendary coach run out of town)? Perhaps.

-The University of Michigan did the impossible Saturday as they resisted the urge to fire Lloyd Carr following their second home loss in the same amount of weeks. I still have no idea why he wasn't fired on the 2nd of September...I guess we can keep saying this each week. Not only do I think he should be fired, but I now think the AD should as well. UM alums have been asking for 2-Ls to be fired for too long to no avail. Rumor has it that Les Miles will take over for Carr following this season. Despite UM's complete lack of defense and poor offensive production, I still don't know if Purdue can beat them...They should, but will they? If Tiller's record v. UM is any indicator, the answer will be "no."

-Ty Willingham (one of Boiled Sports favorite coaches) led his Huskies to the convincing, upset defeat of Boise State. Nice job coach...We're cheering for you! Perhaps our Boilers will be seeing you in Pasadena in January??? (it's fun to dream)

-I've been looking for a good nickname of Notre Dame's coach for a long time. I think I've found it...Let me know your thoughts. He was hired and trained by none-other than Bill Parcells...(later, Bill Belicheck). I'm told that the moniker, "Big Tuna" is flattering...I don't know why, but it is. So, if he's Parcells disciple, his nickname should also be of the sea...and since he's much smarter than Parcells (a genius in his own right), I think he deserves a more-grand nickname. How about The Big Manatee?

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