Cover up? Who? Me? No. Come on!

Sen. Arlen Specter said on Wednesday that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told him that the New England Patriots had been spying on rival teams since 2000 when Bill Belichick took over as head coach.

Since 2000? Can it really be a dynasty if one of its key foundations is that of cheating? What happens to those Super Bowls that were won in that time frame?

"There's no doubt it had an impact on the games," Specter added. "It is hard to tell what games were involved with the destruction of the notes and the tapes. No really valid reason was given for the destruction of the notes and the tapes."

Um, isn't that reason obvious? The NFL is completely covering up the entire situation because this is a nightmare scenario for the biggest cash cow in professional sports. Why would they possibly destroy the tapes so quickly? So that no one else can find out the truth of what's going on, that's why.

Is video taping defensive play calling cheating? Yes. What's worse though, the cheating or the cover up that's going on in the league office? I'd definitely have to say that the cover up is far worse than the actual act.

The tapes needed to be made public so that the Patriots can truly get the punishment that they deserve. Instead, the NFL brushed everything under the rug as fast as possible so that they could protect their precious image. Suck it NFL!

Goodell needs to be fined about $10 million for his role in this. Belichick should be fired for his part. Robert Kraft should be fined $100 million. The Patriots should lose an entire draft, not just one pick. Basically, send that organization back to the stone age. They've gotten to where they are now based on cheating, and what the NFL is telling us is that it's great.

Breaking news! This just in. In describing the Patriots and "Spy-Gate," NFL tells ESPN, "Good for them!"

Oh, because of this run you've made $1 Billion, but we'll fine you $19. Great! What kind of a freaking stance is that? Be a man and bring the pain. The Patriots have made a fortune because of this run. They've made this run in part because of cheating. Therefore, as punishment for the cheating, they really need to be hit where it hurts. In the gonads. Err... I mean, in the pocketbook and in the draft.


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