Hoosier Daddy? Brian Butch Is

Wow, that day could not have gone worse for IU. We almost feel a little bit bad for them here at Boiled Sports but, hey, if you're gonna get into bed with the Devil, don't come crying to us when the devil wants to have kinky sex or do the donkey punch. Or something.

Brian Butch, the whitest kid in perhaps the whitest state in America, banked in a craptastic three-pointer to give the Wisco Badgers a win last night in Bloomington. That now makes the Badgers 10-2 in conference play, just one game behind Purdue. Well, two, really, when you consider that we swept them. (Sorry, it just feels good to say that.)

If you read the linked story there, you might feel your breakfast coming up at certain points. For one thing, some hillrat IU fans living in the past, scribbled "Bring Back Bobby" on a sign and held it up. No word on if they spelled everything correctly.

On the other hand, you had this:

A few students seated behind the south basket wore light blue T-shirts with red ties -- Sampson's trademark outfit. And two students in the same vicinity, but one section apart, each held up their own homemade signs that read "Sampson can call me anytime."

Yes, that's funny, boys. I'm sure you do like him... since he's been winning. Imagine if this team was closer to .500. They'd be DEMANDING that Sampson be tossed out on his ass and I bet the school would be coming close to obliging.

And then, after the game, here's Sampson:

"The allegations that I knowingly acted contrary to the sanctions that occurred while I was at Oklahoma are not true," he said. "I have never intentionally provided false or misleading information to the NCAA. I intend to work within the NCAA process on this matter, and I look forward to my opportunity to do so."

Wow. You know, with all the lying and cheating going on in sports these days, a statement like that is really worse than no statement at all. Why can't you just say you're innocent, coach? Why all the qualifyers, such as "knowingly" or "intentionally"? Goodness... I mean, it just smacks of impropriety.

Pat Forde lays out the options for IU right here and it's not pretty.

And remember who told you all the issues you IU folks were facing when you got into bed with this slimy character?

I never didn't not knowingly not do something unintentionally accidentally maybe possibly wrong that could be construed by some as improper. I swear I didn't probably do it slightly whoopsie. I can't be any more clear with you people.

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