Larry Brown Must Miss Locker Room Pranks and Naked Men

Most of us agree that the NBA just flat-out sucks. But every now and then we toss up an NBA post and today is your lucky day if that's what you were waiting for. I love stories like these.

Larry Brown is "bored" and wants to coach again. And simultaneously, all the fans of teams he has abandoned wonder when he'll shift from "bored" to "tired" and quit.

My favorite line from the story, though, is Larry's quote:

"I just miss it. I don't miss the games so much, but I miss being around the coaches and the players."

Snapping towels on Allen Iverson's ass, showering with Aaron McKie... ah, yes, good times. Wait, what?

What the hell does that mean? You don't miss the games so much, Larry? Does he realize there are games to attend when you're a coach? Has he gone senile? So many questions. That statement is like saying, "I miss driving a car. Not the steering or the going places so much, but I miss standing in my garage."


More from the story:

Brown, hired by the 76ers in January of 2007, has been helping Cheeks evaluate players. He has also been a regular presence at Villanova practices, where he's been helping out Wildcats coach Jay Wright.

Ah, so the primary guys encouraging Larry to find a new job: Mo Cheeks and Jay Wright.

Seriously, imagine a 65+ year old guy coming to your job and "helping" you do it. A guy who has technically done your job longer and better than you have. No, no undermining there.

Get off my lawn!

In other NBA news, the Knicks hired this corpse away from Indiana to take over the mess that Isiah has turned the Knicks into. I mean, seriously, I don't think Donnie Walsh is going to be alive long enough to make the Knicks respectable again. He looks terrible. Has he always looked like this?

I guess the wonderful ownership, led by Jim Dolan, decided that the franchise was dying so why not hire a guy who already looks dead to lead it? As for Isiah, only his soul is dead. As is that of all the fans subjected to what the Knicks have become.

Not in this house.

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