Note To Paint Crew: Please Return.

January 11th isn't so far just seems like it.

Sure, J and I haven't had to walk the halls of the Bursar or taken a lecture in c/o 50 in over a decade, but we remember what it's like to be students. Around this time in the Christmas break, it can get boring. You miss your pals...miss the co-rec...miss the freedom of being away from your parents' home.

I can say with all confidence, young men and women of Purdue, we as alums miss you too.

I know, I know, the old people tried their best to fill in for the real Paint Crew last night versus Minny. And against WVU, a skeleton Paint Crew (if you will) carried the torch as well as it possibly could. But there's not substitute for the real thing...Come back to campus soon! The team needs you!

Is it me or are college chicks hotter than ever?? (huh??)

The folks with money who had the tickets last night played the role well of starving college students. They had matching black shirts and even a couple of cheers that mimicked the best-darned students section in the land...But we need the real thing to return- the opposition hates you guys...and we love you for it.

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