Setting The Bar High

I was just out at lunch watching the Joe Girardi press conference and I saw him hold up his number 27 jersey and I thought, oh, interesting, he wore 25 with the Yankees earlier in his career. Guess he's taking 27 because steroid-head Giambi has 25.

Nope. It's because, apparently, New Joe has a flair for the dramatic, taking a page out of Tony LaRussa's book by wearing the number of the next Yankee championship. They have 26 World Series titles now. When LaRussa went to the Cardinals, they had nine WS titles and LaRussa took number 10 to signify the title he planned to bring them.

While I guess I am glad he's confident and wants his goals to be clearly stated, this seems a bit odd to me, and somewhat un-Girardi-like. I never would have expected him to make such a symbolic hardy-har-har kind of choice. But hey, what do I know?

Girardi reportedly wanted to wear #2 because he has two testicles and his wife has two boobies, but Jeter currently wears number 2.

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