Did Somebody Say Sideboobs?

Greetings and welcome to November. It won't be long before holiday eating habits are upon us and we've all got bigger boobs than our wives. You know who will never have physiques like us? The lovely ladies of Sideboob Friday. (Because I said they won't, that's why.)

It's that time again and I think we should just skip the hype and get to the goodness.

I'll admit, I saw our first bouyant-bootied participant, Marisa Miller, as a result of reading Big Daddy Drew's Thursday Jamboroo over at Deadspin. She's featured as his "Halftime Masturbation Kit." Not a bad idea, really, because what else is there to do at halftime? Try to figure out if Shannon Sharpe would actually sound clearer if he had a harmonica in his mouth?

Next up is Ms. Emily Scott. Who is she? I don't know. I could easily Google her and find out but I don't really care. I see words in this picture that indicate she may be from Australia. I trust everything is indeed nice "down under." (Come on, that was too easy.)

Our final photograph of the week is a young lass named Janette. This picture of Janette was floating around my "Boiled Sports" folder for a while and for some reason has never made its way onto Sideboob Friday. This, of course, is a travesty and I apologize to you all for keeping Janette to myself all this time. Janette seems to understand the true art of the sideboob photograph.

That's all for this week, loyal readers. Enjoy your weekends and Boiler Up, as always.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs every Friday in this space. If you'd like to be a contributor for the sideboobie goodness or if you'd just like to sound off in our general direction (like Tim after eating Mexican food), you can do so at BoiledSports@gmail.com.


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