2009 BS Challenge Weiners

The plaque for the alternates is in the ladies room.

Congrats go out to our winner of the 2009 BS Challenge Extravaganza of Picking College Basketball Games Correctly Good, Greg, whose entry -- DELA WHERE???? -- wound up with a record of 50 correct picks and 13 incorrect. Well-done, good sir. You have bested us. And 499 others in our pool. Just wait until next year when we find a resource other than Yahoo that, you know, can handle more than 500 entries. Yeah, sorry about that, everyone.

And what's Greg's prize? Well, I'm glad you asked. He gets the distinct honor (debatable, especially if you write something non-fawning about PSU) of posting his rambling incoherence on the BS airwaves. Sure, sure, we realize it's kind of haughty of us to think that getting to write here is some kind of a prize. But hey, you have access to more viewers than your Facebook page so there's always that.

Greg also gets a Boiled Sports t-shirt with one of our slogans on it. It's black with gold, in true Boilermaker fashion. Sure hope Greg actually likes the Boilermakers. For many reasons.

Tune in Friday morning to see what he has to say.

No, That's Goose With Two O's

Second place was a tight race, with both the jayhawks and Hail Leroy finishing in a dead heat on points. According to the tourney challenge rulebook, ties are broken by who is closest to the final score. And by that measure, the jayhawks pulls ahead and wins our second-place price, which is simply a t-shirt and far less fanfare.

Would the winners kindly email us at boiledsports@gmail.com so we can get your addresses for shipping (and stalking, if you're hot)?

Grassy-ass. And thanks for playing. You guys make this stuff so much fun.

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