OSM Video, If You Missed It....And You Probably Did

Because, unless you're a UNC fan, you went to bed instead of watching the rest of that domination. What a boring game. Not boring if you're a Heels fan, though. Anyway, below is the One Shining Moment video for this season. Worth noting as well is that at the end it's dedicated to the memory of Doug Towey. Towey was the man responsible for bringing the One Shining Moment to life. Hokey as it may be, it's tradition now. Midwest Sports Fans does a better job telling you more about Towey.

Thanks, Doug!

Special congrats to Nemmy, who makes the video twice -- once hugging Hummel, and once getting swatted by Thabeet.

Championship's over...let's move on.

2009 BS Challenge Weiners