Return of the Member

You might think we would take holidays off around here but for our small readership, we want to continue to entertain you. Plus, everyone loves talking about giant, inflatable penises.

As you may have read elsewhere, the Purdue student section has started some interesting traditions in recent years, some of which we here at Boiled Sports enjoy and others we aren't as fond of. But one that is both amusing and embarrassing at the same time is the trend of giant inflatable penises showing up in the student section and being batted around like a beach ball until a member (get it?) of security wraps their arms around it and takes it off to have a private moment with it. I even sent the links to the various stories (me and many others, I'm sure) in to Deadspin and they featured a cool post about it.

Like anything else, the best way to give something legs (or testicles, I suppose) is to publicize it. The students are now determined to continue doing this and Purdue penises are extending out of the stands more than once per game now. In many cases, they're also now being adorned with clever statements. Last Saturday against Indiana, the first penis erected had bold printing on the side that said "IU Sucks." Not particuarly ingenious, but there's something kind of funny about that.

What's also funny is the woman in boilerdowd's section who thinks it's a banana. Really.

In the below video, shot by your intrepid Boiled Sports scribe, you can see the first penis being spanked around the student section on Saturday against IU. These particular seats were directly up behind the band and, maybe you don't know this but, the conductor is mic'ed and gives some direction to the band as to what they're going to play at the next whistle, etc. Well, as the penis is being whacked around, he can be heard to say "Push 'em back, push 'em back, HARDER HARDER." This seems amusing.

Enjoy your white meat today.

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