Sean Salisbury Idiocy -- Where to Begin?

I think we could start a regular feature around here regarding who is the idiot of the week that we’d like to focus on. Of course, that would be kind of scripted and might get as contrived of Mike and Mike’s Just Shut Up Award which, curiously, they don’t win every single week as they should.

But I think Sean Salisbury might become a frequent target for us since he’s really an easy target. Salisbury says more stupid things in one segment on TV or radio than anyone could possibly write down so, in a way, he’s brilliant. It’s almost like writers and bloggers throw their hands up and say, “I don’t even know where to begin!”

However, I wanted to mention some nuggets that Salisbury throws out there and we’ll start with something he said on Thanksgiving morning while he was filling in for Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio.

Sean was asked if he had to choose one player to start a team with, who would it be? Rather than answering the question, Salisbury listed the following players in a rambling, incoherent, infuriating, vomitous, impossible-to-follow soliloquy:

Ladanian Tomlinson
Larry Johnson
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Sean Merriman
Ray Lewis

At no point did he ever answer who he would choose as his ONE PLAYER to start a team with. Then he got into a debate about whether it would be more important to start this fictional team with a QB or a RB. Any sane person knows that you absolutely cannot win in the NFL without a running game. It doesn’t happen except in rare situations. However, I could see someone making the point that you start your team with Manning or Brady and start building. I could swallow that. But not with what Salisbury then did.

Sean proposed the following situation: he asked his co-host (whom I cannot even remember since he wasn’t allowed to talk much) if they were in the Super Bowl and one team had Jake Delhomme (whom Salisbury considers “average”) and Ladanian Tomlinson and the other team had Tom Brady and some average running back, which team would win? Salisbury then made it clear that there was no doubt that the Brady-led team would win.

Wait a second. Jake Delhomme and Ladanian Tomlinson?? I’ll take that against Brady and an average RB any day. Delhomme almost beat Brady in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago without Tomlinson! Might Brady win? Sure. But Salisbury makes it seem like that’s what would happen without question. Just pure stupidity on ol’ Sean’s part.

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