We're sorry SeMO.


Today in West Lafayette, a fair crowd watched a team from a power conference shut out their opponents, put up over 600 yards of offense while only giving up around 150, while they were trying to be good sports and run the ball on every down - to set up a chance for a 67+ yard field goal of course.

Wait, for once, it was us!

Purdue did it..they blew the doors off of a team again. The first shut out and the least amount of yards given up since September of '04. If you were here today, you witnessed 10 different rushers and 4 different quarterbacks. You got to see Patrick Bade block for a touchdown run late in the fourth. You got to see both Robinson and Dawson take a snap or two.

Marve is back. TerBush looked great. Our Two headed monster was 21/25 for 234-1 TD - No Picks.

Our 10 man army combined for 393 yards on the ground and 7 TD on only 53 carries. Is that Sarcasm? Not really, that's the funny part. When you are getting almost 8 yards a carry and a touchdown every 7ish touches? That is stupid awesome.

We watched Carson add 11 points onto his record - with 8 being off extra points.

It was a beautiful day for us and an unfortunate day for the Redhawks. Thank you to the players and the students for not being rude with each other and taking it in good humor. SeMO players were joking with fans as late as the middle of the 4th quarter. Their starting quarterback even had a few laughs.

Two teams of mature adults played in Ross-Ade today; congratulations Boilers.

To your call once more - would you freakin' rally?!

SEMO Predicto