Changing the Trajectory

Winning is Fun

Purdue's regular season ended poorly because of poor effort and lousy shooting. For the second-straight game, Purdue left those things in the past and nearly put their opponent away in the first half.

Purdue looked like the team that the media predicted to win the Big Ten once again on Saturday afternoon...and as a result, might still make the prognosticators right.

Purdue avenged earlier painful losses to Painter's old boss and reminded fans why Robbie Hummel would have been player of the year had he been healthy. When the Ostrich is in rhythm, no one in the nation is a better three-point shooter. JJ displayed his complete game scoring 20 points, blocking 3 shots and changing the complexion of the way Illinois played offense. Plus, he forced his Illini counterpart, Tisdale to foul out with 6:00 left in the game. Kramer and Grant shut down McCamey for 0 points in an effort that resembled that of Steve Curry in the very same building back in December.

Purdue's offense looks as good as it has in '09, and the defense has been enough to carry them to a championship ...Tomorrow at 3:30 v. aOSU, Purdue can revive a season that was all-but-dead just a week ago...and possibly play their way into a 3 or 4 seed while breaking the painful streak of never winning a post-season BT title.
Purdue faces a girl, a porn star and a very handsome, and skilled coach for a sizable amount of marbles.

Purdue v. aOSU