The BS Bracket Challenge Extravaganza Returns

And this time, we hope not to bump into a maximum number of entrants as we did last year.

I've created a group on ESPN's Tournament Challenge page and you'll want to join the group emblazoned with "Boiled Sports," or group 3809.

So not only will the winner win valuable prizes (not really) if they win the BS challenge, they might also win $10,000 for winning the ESPN challenge. (Which, really, ESPN? Only ten grand? For something 3 or 4 million people enter? Weak.)

Yes, we'll remind you more about it, but you know you don't want to miss this. There's nothing more fun than proving how much more you know about college basketball than us. And the winner gets all sorts of trappings, including:

-- Free reign for their own guest post on Boiled Sports (now read by tens of people!)

-- Guest-spot on the Handsome Hour on April 7

-- A date with Boilerdowd's son (this may seem odd, but he meets all sorts of famous basketball players, so it's a worthwhile prize)

-- A night of passion with Tim

-- As-yet-undetermined prizes

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