A Fun Farewell

I've sat with my family for the past eight years in the same seats...so when I was being cursed at within two minutes of the start of the game, while sitting around friendlies, I was surprised. Some bone-headed IU fan was sitting two rows back from me telling me to sit down, which forced me to stay standing. At the same time, Curtis Painter and the rest of the Boiler offense was marching with ease; before too long, the IU fan's alcohol-aided courage was fading to a whimper as I reminded him with each score how happy I was to have him visiting my section.

I have to say, IU's effort was the worst I have seen by any team in an Oaken Bucket Game...That includes some awful Purdue teams and laughable IU teams. From special teams to offensive play to defense, IU was drubbed...All by a Purdue team that seemed to be pretty lousy for most of '08.

One of the biggest successes of today's victory will be that we probably won't have to see any more ads by the IU's B-Grade athletic department focusing on their narrow victory of '07...conversely, do you think Purdue will air 1000 commercials bragging about the serious helping of whipped-ass that was prepared in Ross Ade for its '08 Bucket visitors? Me neither. Suck it, IU Athletic Department...Beating IU isn't enough reason to re-direct the marketing campaign...It's an expectation.
It was very cold too...frickin' cold to be exact, but the atmosphere was fun and the fans, with the exception of the rubes from Bloomington sitting near me, handled the inclement weather with smiles. It was great to see Painter, Baker and the other Seniors honor eachother by playing a complete game. After a very disappointing season, I think this sound beating of the Hoosiers will be what many first think about when asked about the Boiler class of '08.
After the game, Tiller gave an extremely emotional speech in which he called his legacy the memories his teams left for the fans as well as the young men that he had the opportunity to coach during his long career.
While it stinks that this team didn't put it together too many times this season, it's a good thing for everybody (except IU and its fans) that Tiller directed one last exciting, explosive effort by his Boilers

Well played, Joe.

Boiler Ballers Roll
Our favorite basketball team was the second fiddle on campus for the last time this year as they handily beat Coppin State in their tune-up before heading to NYC to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Ostrich put in a double double, and Smooge nearly did also...I'm excited to see them play against some good and very good competition; we'll learn a lot about them this week.

Genius Takes Control
Earlier in the week we heard that the Manatee had taken back the offensive play calling for the overwhelming victory by his Irish against Navy last week...So he knew it was time to make that arrangement a full time deal heading back home to face the Orange(men). Clearly, his teams have a schematic advantage...errrrrrrrr. The good news is UND's fans are as crappy as they've always been, but now, they're turning on their own. Well played Domers!!!

Even Lou Holtz might be jumping off of the bandwagon...After the loss, he said that this season and the coaching situation is an issue that needs to be assessed and addressed by the athletic department and administration...and that it wasn't his place to comment on it. That's a shravesty. (note: on the late night College Gameday, Lou changed his tune a bit...and focused on how moral and ethical the administration was...and that they would handle it correctly...whatever that means.)

Weis said the loss and the effort made him "sick to his stomach" just like it did for their fans...he continued that if the UND players moped around this week, USC would embarass them on Saturday. Bad news, Chuck- Regardless of your team's mood this week, they will be embarassed by the Men of Tron next Saturday.

If anybody in America should be happy about the lousy economy we're immersed in, it should be the Manatee. UND boosters simply can't afford to purchase his enormous buyout at this point. I'm actually enjoying watching UND play...I say they keep him around as long as he'll stay. UND football is damned entertaining.

Changes Imminent; The Transition to Hope Coming

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