Non Sports Potpourri

A couple items of note that I wanted to vent about.

First, Comcast stinks.
Why this time? Well, I'll give you a few reasons. First, months ago, we were told by Comcast by Comcast media outlets that an agreement IN PRINCIPLE had been reached between the colossally-crappy cable service provider and the BTN. Well, call me Thomas, but I still don't believe. Why? Because I still don't have the stinking network. If I could, I'd leave Comcast for ATT Uverse, but it's still not available.

The second reason Comcast stinks is because they're experimenting with limited downloads/uploads for internet users. Why does that matter? First off, it'll affect all of the tasty content on this site. Second, I run my business out of my home and my business partner does the same...we both have Comcast internet. Under Comcast's plan, we'll get a whole lot less service for even more money! Yeh rah, suck it Comcast.

Second, Hillary Clinton is an idiot
When you lose a contest, isn't the game over? I'm not a Democrat, so honestly, I love it...But she's as delusional as those who believe she belongs in the White House. Note to Hillary supporters- Go with you conscience and don't vote in November! That'll show the DNC who's boss!

Classy, As Always, In Defeat

That makes sense...Nice job, Detroit.