Classy, As Always, In Defeat

In what has been obvious to everyone for about the past two months, Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic nomination for President last night.

Yet, despite this, Hillary Clinton refuses to completely accept it:

"I will be making no decisions tonight."

And why would she? She's Hillary Clinton, dammit, and this is her time! And no black dude is going to take that away from her! She's white! And a woman! How much more "progressive" do you really want, America?

For a good read on why her campaign ultimately failed, here's a good story in the Globe and Mail.

The closing paragraph:

"Entitlement is a dangerous and inexcusable characteristic in any candidate. No individual, even one as talented and as well-connected as Ms. Clinton, is entitled to lead his or her country; to do so is an enormous privilege and responsibility that must be earned. In democratic countries, few dynasties will be sustained in the absence of humility."

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