Purdue's Next Football Coach?

It's no longer a rumor, this story has legs. The wheels are in motion for Joe Tiller to be replaced by this man:
Paul Chryst.

The story broke at 11:30 am Saturday after a ton of speculation that the coaching situation at Purdue would be addressed before LOI day in early February.

Burke denied that Chryst would be part of a succession plan that involved he and Tiller later Saturday afternoon. That tells me that Tiller may have already chosen not to return and will not break Fat Jack's record as the winningest coach in Purdue history.

Here's what I think: First, bravo, Morgan Burke, for a couple reasons. It looks like Spack is not going to be the guy...he did not earn the right to be the guy since his defenses simply haven't performed in the last four seasons. Second, he obviously cast a wide net and didn't limit the interviewing process to within the Purdue family...intern, he's looking for the best fit, not just the most convenient fit for the job!

Great job, Mr. Burke! More to come soon (I expect an announcement in the next week, if not in the next two days).

Addendum: This story has been confirmed by another source.

Thanks for nothing, vest.

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