Thanks for nothing, vest.

I make no bones about it- I don't like Ohio State. I don't like the fact that the Buckeyes have more bandwagon fans than Notre Dame. I don't like the fact that "Hang on Sloopy" somehow is connected to the university and I don't like how OSU fans spell "O-H-I-O" but won't spell state...Ohio University is home of the Bobcats. I really don't like how you refer to yourself as "The" Ohio State University...Is there such a rivalry with Ohio Northern, Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio University, Shawnee State, Southern State Community College and The Cleveland State University, that you really need "THE" in front of your name?

My point is, it pained me to root for the scarlet and gray this evening...but I thought it would be a good thing to do. I even was yelling at the TV in excitement about how "slow" the Bucks were as Beanie Wells toasted the LSU defense for a 65 yd. TD. The Big Ten needed the Bucks to win...But I've said it before, and don't know why I abandoned the philosophy this evening- screw conference loyalty. I like Michigan because of the Michigan fans that I know...and I like Penn State because I really enjoyed their fans when I watched them shellack my Boilers back in '98. I have never liked tOSU and I went against my best judgment by rooting for them this evening. That's a night I can never get back...I feel dirty now and I can't come clean...Self, I'm sorry.

Vest, I'll give you this, your Bucks were ready at the beginning of the game...but much like my Boilers v. Georgia a few years back, tOSU folded when the pressure increased. Could tOSU have had any more motivation to win? I guess they needed more. Vest, why did you abandon the run when the Bucks were down by just two scores in the second quarter? Boeckman is not a good passer...he showed it over and over, yet you wanted to put the hopes of your team on his less-than-sound decision-making ability and his lifeless arm. I just don't get it. Plus, isn't the Big Ten supposed to be big and strong? Thus, shouldn't teams like OSU and Wisconsin be able to control the line of scrimmage? Guess not. Not even close tonight. Bo Pelini, Ken Dorsey and Frenchy Jean-Francoise were b*tch slapping Boeckman for the last three quarters of the game...and the Buck defense wasn't much better and even the special teams screwed things up on more than one occasion...At least the loss was a team effort.

Last year, you guys were upset because Meyer "complained" his way into the BCS, they didn't belong there, but they cleaned your clocks...This year, LSU was a the first two-loss team in the BCS championship, so they didn't deserve it either. What's worse, a team that doesn't belong in the championship, or one that thinks it belongs and gets bushwhacked by an underqualified squad?

OSU fan, I have a question for you, seriously. Is it better to be like Purdue...mediocre and nationally unimportant OR second best (by a lot) to Florida, Florida (basketball) and now LSU? When Purdue was on the national stage and had its heart ripped out by Wisconsin, it hurt...very bad, still stings. I can't imagine how I'd feel if it happened over and over and over. Second question, are you guys talking about getting rid of the Vest yet?

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