Badger Predicto

For the third-straight week, none of us have a real good feeling about this one. Wisconsin is favored by 20...and we don't think that's nearly enough. Here are our prognostications

J Says:

Last year, Purdue was 1-5 going into the OSU game and we felt it was a sharpie game -- in the loss column. We wound up happily wrong.

This year, Purdue is a respectable 4-4 going into this game against Wisconsin...yet this game feels to me to be an even longer shot. shot. Purdue winning this game would be one of the most amazing victories I will have ever seen. And I hate to be this fatalistic, but it will not happen this Saturday. Put it in Sharpie (tm, Boiled Sports).

After what we've seen the past two weeks, I don't have any faith the coaching staff can pull out any magic. And I think it will be ugly.

Wisconsin 42
Purdue 12

Tim says:

Predict this week?

U. G. L. Y. They won't have an alibi. This game will be ugly.

Purdue is getting 20? Only? Really? I think they need more like 40. The defense is non-existent. The offense is non-existent. Good luck Sean Robinson. Welcome to the Big Ten.

Wisconsin 45
Purdue 10

boilerdowd says:

Henry's still on the mend and Purdue's offense continues to lose players. Last week, it was O.J. Ross' turn to have a season-ending injury (shoulder). Gary Bush steps in for him; and while I like Bush's speed, his hands have been inconsistent. ATM will line up in the slot from time-to-time. Hopefully, that will become one of the happy bi-products of this painful season. I think he'll be a better receiver/RB a la Edison, than just an RB. He struggles mightily between the tackles...but no one can deny that when he gets enough chances, he tends to do great things in the open field.

Wisconsin is brutally-large on both sides of the ball in the trenches...and they're mean and scary.

I think Kerrigan will get back on track by having a big game...but I don't think it'll be enough. I do like Gaston and Short in the middle a lot versus a big line, but the linebackers have to a better job watching the stuff underneath as plays break down. More so than the pass, Purdue must change the way they play run defense...and this isn't a good week to try to figure out how to stop the run. If Bucky doesn't want to, I don't think they'll have to pass. Wisconsin could have multiple 100 yard rushers tomorrow. Tressel was pretty classy and showed pity on Hope...Zook didn't and Hope wasn't real happy with him. Beliema seems to be neither classy nor merciful. His play card might say "Go For Two" all day. Hope might have another BT coach enemy at the end of the day.

If Purdue were to win this, I'd be more surprised than I've been since Tiller's first victory back in '97.

Wisconsin 52

Purdue 17

    To Your Call Once More We Rally;
    Alma Mater Hear Our Praise.
    Where The Wabash Spreads Its Valley;
    Filled With Joy Our Voices Raise.
    From The Skies In Swelling Echoes
    Come The Cheers That Tell The Tale
    Of Your Vict'ries And Your Heros,
    Hail Purdue! We Sing All Hail!

    Hail, Hail To Old Purdue!
    All Hail To Our Old Gold And Black!
    Hail, Hail To Old Purdue!
    Our Friendship May She Never Lack.
    Ever Grateful, Ever True,
    Thus We Raise Our Song Anew;
    Of The Days We've Spent With You,
    All Hail Our Own Purdue!

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