BS Reader Athlete Stories: Don't Mess With Shaun Phillips' Boy

You may recall a long time ago, I asked you to send in stories regarding Purdue athletes. Then that feature died on the vine because I'm lazy and also because my life interfered. However, we didn't forget about them and the best ones will run over the next couple weeks. Enjoy.

Reader Joe J is up with today's story.

On a random Tuesday night my friends and I go to Harry's (my last year we came up with a theory that only the truly dirty girls go out drinkin' on a Tuesday, thus we dubbed it Sk@nk Tuesday, but I digress).

My buddies and I have a nice little buzz going and who walks in? Shaun Phillips. Turns out one of my buddies has class with him in RHIT (now RHM or something), he goes over and says hi, we stay by our drinks and hang. He's over there quite a while, but again drinks are good and we make nothing of it.

After about four gin and tonics (estimated time, a little over an hour), Shaun comes to our table. He asks me straight up "Yo, why you messing with my boy? I heard you've been messing with my boy."

I'm so afraid I can't even ask him relevant questions like "Who is your boy?" or " What did I do?" My response to the single largest man who's ever confronted me, for fear of my life, was "Ugh, sorry my bad. Can I buy you a drink?"

Shaun declines and says "Just don't let it happen again." I respectfully agreed, then went to the restroom and tried to dry my soiled pants. Years later he's part of the most feared line-backing core in the NFL.

Cowardice? Maybe. Am I alive to tell the tail? Yes. To this day my friend swears he didn't put Shaun up to it

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