BS Reader Athlete Stories: Chike Okeafor's Study Group

You may recall a long time ago, I asked you to send in stories regarding Purdue athletes. Then that feature died on the vine because I'm lazy and also because my life interfered. However, we didn't forget about them and the best ones will run over the next couple weeks. Enjoy.

Today's is from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous because, as he put it, "Chike is big."

One year I had an engineering class with Chike Okeafor. 

One evening before our final exam one of the girls in my study group brought him to study with us. You could tell that he was no where near ready for the exam and he noticed that I was ready. When I got to the class he asked if I cared if he sat behind me. I was pretty "free" with guarding my answers. I didn't care. I had to do my duty to help the football team!

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