Final BS Blogpoll

We interrupt this basketball-heavy time of year to interject one last blogpoll ballot into your face. The mythical national championship game was last week and Alabama hung on to beat a freshman who hadn't played this year. Read that again before you anoint Alabama all-powerful -- they nearly blew a 24-6 lead in the second half against a kid who was playing in high school last year.

Anyway, I present to you our final blogpoll for the year. Sure, some topsy-turvey-ness but, hey, most of these teams didn't play for weeks (or more than a month) so you can't expect consistency. Awesome finish to the season, college football!

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Boise State 3
3 Texas 1
4 Florida 2
5 Ohio State 3
6 Iowa 3
7 TCU 4
8 Penn State 2
9 Cincinnati 5
10 Virginia Tech 7
11 Oregon 4
12 Nebraska 10
13 Brigham Young 6
14 Wisconsin 9
15 Pittsburgh 3
16 Georgia Tech 4
17 Utah
18 Miami (Florida) 4
19 Central Michigan 5
20 Texas Tech
21 Mississippi
22 Rutgers
23 Southern Cal 2
24 Stanford 13
25 LSU 10
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oregon State (#13), West Virginia (#16), Houston (#20), Oklahoma State (#21).

As I said, lots of bouncing around. LSU, you're lucky to still be there. Existing on name alone after a season where you wilted at every challenge.

A bunch of teams in my top 25 are there just because there's nobody better. You'll see a lot of names with decent rankings who lost their bowls. Just a sucky showing by a lot of members of the top 25.

I don't see how other polls don't have Boise State #2. They just went undefeated -- AGAIN -- and yet they're #4 in AP and USA Today. I get that they don't play in the SEC but still....they're undefeated over a lot of games now. Let's throw them a bone, everyone.

I also still think Texas would have won that game if McCoy didn't get hurt. Sure, every UT fan is playing that card, too, but come on.... a FRESHMAN almost pulled it off. And as Boilerdowd texted me late in that game, "We saw that kid grow up in two quarters...Curtis Painter had four years and never progressed." Sadly, so true.

Anyway, point is, that's why I have UT #3 still. Sure, Florida probably looked better during bowl week, but it's hard to make these judgements.... Florida playing on Urban Meyer-Tim Tebow adrenaline, Cinci playing without their head coach, UT playing without McCoy. What a mess. But hey, let's make sure we don't change a thing, BCS! This was awesome!

So let me know what I have wrong in the poll here. All reasonably-made cases will be considered and probably acted upon.

Hard to believe...

See you at Mackey, Bo.