If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck...it's probably a Huskie

I'm not a fan of Jim Calhoun. He seems to treat a lot of people like junk. Sure, some of that is just East Coast charm- two of my best friends are from the Northeast and the gruff demeanor is just the way a lot of people are out there...but Calhoun bristles to another level. Plus, he's decided to surround himself with some people that are questionable...from players to parts of the program, the NCAA has had their eye on the Huskies for a few years. Before our Boilers played them in the '09 tourney, we heard a lot about how Robinson didn't attend class after his near transfer for nearly an entire semester...yet remained on campus. And in the last five years, my pals in Big East country have told me numerous times that UConn was filthy...or at minimum extremely unethical.

Well now, it looks like it's official. So what's going to happen?

Well, with the NCAA sniffing around, UConn thought it was a good time for a contract extension for the old man- good move. No matter, he'll be fine...but everyone around him will probably be fired and made an example of.

Give it to 'em NCAA!!!

Same old, same old.

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