It's Very Different in Hawaii

It's probably time we wrapped up our thoughts on the Purdue-Hawaii game that now has had more posts written about it on this site than it had fans viewing it. Personally, I had my cell phone on auto-refresh so I saw play-by-play as Purdue roared back in the second half only to give the lead back by relinquishing large chunks of yardage. It's odd -- sometimes it's more disconcerting to watch your phone refresh and continue seeing "Brennan passes 35 yards to [player]," "Brennan passes 41 yards to [player]," and you just imagine him marching them down the field as the Purdue defense fails to realize they only have eight players on the field or something.

Anyway, the smug-ass quote of the week goes to Colt Brennan (though I haven't reviewed Chuck Weis' post-game comments yet and he's always high on the smug-o-meter). After Hawaii narrowly got the victory at home against Purdue (remember, Hawaii is ranked and at home and supposedly a juggernaut), Colt had this to say:

"We were put under the pressure against a team that I really thought we were much better than. But they came out here with unbelievable momentum. They played hard all game and they wanted it."

Gee, thanks, Colt, that's really magnanimous of you.

Also, pictured below is how the Hawaii players celebrate victories. I'm not even sure where to begin with this picture so I'll just put it here for your enjoyment.

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