Purdue Football: It's WAC!

In a game that showcased over 1100 yards of offense, 77 points, two washed-up coaches (Jones & Glanville) and another disinterested coach (Tiller), Purdue snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Only about 1000 people in America got to see this one; that's the good news for Purdue...The bad news is my Boilers still can't beat anybody with a winning record. The worse news is that it's 3:00 am here in Indiana, and I'm still awake because I'm angry at what ended 45 minutes ago.

This game started and ended like a classic Joe Tiller-coached Purdue bowl game (in any state but Texas)...Allow the opponent to have a big lead, come back to take the lead and give the game back. Only thing missing is respectable competition.

Special thanks to:
Joe Tiller for telling the world that you didn't want your team to play this game less than a week before kickoff. It probably would have been a better idea to share that with the media after you pull out a win in the 50th state. Your disinterest showed in your players in the first half- PERIOD.

Also thanks to:
USC, Pete Carroll- your thumping of that over-rated team from South Bend will allow me to sleep, if only for a few minutes. For those keeping score, UND has only beaten one good team this year...and it wasn't Purdue.

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