The Electronic Brain

Maybe the genius of Bill Belichick (and, gasp, Charlie Weis) can be attributed to something other than gray matter.

I'm sure by now you've heard that a Patriots' employee was video taping signals sent from the Jets' sideline...What's the big deal?

Here's the big deal: If you record signals and cross-reference them to plays on film, you all of a sudden are literally in the head of the offensive coordinator or quarterback of the other team. It can also work on the other side of the ball to make a coach or player have complete understanding of a defensive formation or scheme...ultimately giving competitive advantage.

It's always been considered unsportsmanlike to steal signals, but it's not illegal. So, if you can "crack the code" in a method that uses no electronic aid, so be it...But video taping crosses the line. Alright, New England Guy, you say, "You're blowing this out of proportion..." Well, there's more.

Now, the NFL is investigating further methods of electronic espionage by the Pats. First, it's believed that various members of the defense might be "wired" to listen in to audibles and give the coaches an "ear" on the field. Also being investigated are radio signals being "lifted" in order to take the playcalling going from the coach to the player's helmet-mounted headset.

The Jets aren't the only ones who have complained about this. The Colts, Packers & others have also filed complaints with the league about suspicions of the above. Further, the league warned the Patriots on two occasions before finding proof in the form of the video camera confiscated last Sunday.

Here's to hoping that Goodell is as tough with the former world champ as he's been on others who break have broken rules and threaten the integrity of the game.

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