Burning Attendance Questions

You've probably seen this story since it's making the rounds on the blogs today on a rather sloowwwww news day... but a fan got booted from the Marlins-Nats game yesterday for heckling an umpire. And the guy was a season ticketholder!! The reason he could be heard was that there were only about 400 people at the game. 400! At a major league baseball game! This is the plot to Major League, for crying out loud.

I mean, if you've only got 400 people in the park, and one of your season ticketholders showed up and wants to shout at the umpire, I think you ought to let him.

My first thought, though, was whether or not they played the stadium-favorite, "Can You Guess The Attendance?" game that is played in nearly all MLB ballparks. I can just imagine it...

Can You Guess Today's Attendance?

A) 55,123
B) 406
C) 72,154
D) 33,165

I think it woulda been fun.

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