UM Blogger Gives Pointers on Class; Rest of Conference Laughs

So Maize N Brew decided to attack us for having an opinion when their coach took ours to task in his press conference when nothing he was asked had anything to do with the game he had just lost. MNB also advised us to "stick to topics [we] actually know something about."

Gotta tell you, junior, as tempting as it is to ask you for permission on the topics we write about, I don't think it will happen.

And let's also say this up front -- we don't mind being taken to task. It's fine. But to imply we're dumb or short-sighted or ignorant or "uninsightful," well.... okay, maybe those things are accurate. But to be called out by a MaizeNBrew for such things is sort of like Rosie O'Donnell giving us tips on being trim. Doesn't make much sense.

Let's deconstruct the MaizeNBrew hissy fit. It is fun to see that, just like their coach, they look for things that aren't really relevant to focus on. Fitting.

Boiled Sports had a few things to say about Rodriguez's post-game comments regarding Hope's low-class move after the game. Quite frankly, who the hell cares?

Evidently, you do. Enough to attack us.

Nobody, that's who.

Besides you.

Hope apparently didn't like Rodriguez calling out a blatant cheap shot several weeks ago that just so happened to be by a Purdue player.

Which, when I wrote the post, I specifically said up front that I didn't like the Reckman hit at the time OR the way Hope handled things with your hypersensitive coach. How about YOU try reading for content? Or was English an elective at Michigan?

Of course Rodriguez's singling out of this play has nothing to do with the fact that it was Purdue and Hope but EVERYTHING to do with the fact that the Big 10 conference set itself up as judge and jury of such actions earlier in the season. Hope naturally is too uncouth to understand this

Wow, speaking of sticking to topics you know something about and showing some class... way to call a coach you know nothing about "uncouth." What do you call a coach who violates rules by overworking his players and whose players then agree to snitch on him?

and so
instead of focusing on his team's great win, Hope figured he'd really stick it to Rodriguez. What a class act.

We already acknowledged we didn't love it, as did Hammer and Rails. What more do you want? For better or worse, Hope's a loyal coach and loves his guys. This is how you build loyalty and keep guys from transferring away. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

BS continues on to make a rather insight-less rant about Rodriguez's future and generally looks foolish doing so, which is pretty apropos actually.

Wow, that's quite a shot across the bow of the SS Boiled Sports. We're "insight-less"? How so? And we look "foolish" calling out a guy who we are coming to believe is imbalanced, given how he veers off-topic all the time, continues to tell your fan base they shouldn't expect things to improve soon, and cries at the drop of a hat? I'm not sure your anger is really with us, laddie, but maybe it's with Rich. Daddy issues are complicated, we understand. But this is what we call "projection." Show us on the doll where Michigan football hurt you.

And why are you defending RichRod like this? Is Rich's wife aware that you two are dating?

How about you lads stick to topics you actually know something about and celebrate your once in a generation win with some class? Too much to ask?

Again, thanks very much for offering your mad editorial skillz and suggestions. We did celebrate the win and we didn't call you out for having a problem with Hope, so why get personal with us? I only ask because you're clearly an expert on "class." Because nothing says class like a coach trying to avoid hard questions by calling out another coach.

Have fun getting curb-stomped by Wisconsin and Ohio State, and congratulations on being the fourth-best Michigan blog out there.

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